Naina Resort

Few things can only be experienced and cann’t be described in just mere words just like experience in Naina Resort . Naina Resort is where the clouds meets Hills, Beautiful Birds chirps in fruitful orchards , blowing breeze sooths your soul , spectacular views amazes you & leaves you speechless. So unwind yourself at this luxurious Resort offering elegant stay, modern amenities, spectacular views & Delicious cuisines in the peaceful environment. Our Expertise & affable staff delights your mood & take care of your even minor- minor requirements which others often miss out . We have in-house games & Lawns for Family & Friends Get togethers , for Honeymooners we have surprising Honeymoon Kit & Bornfire & DJ Nights for groups and etc. Since Naina Resort is situated on the top of the hill it often makes the customer wonder if they are in Heaven or Earth. During day time one witness the hide & seek play of hills & clouds ( these clouds even sometimes surrounds the resort too) , the lush green valley down the hill with sparkling Beas River Water. In Night you just feel in middle of lighting show…. Up Above your head stars twinkle and down your feet you can see the city lights shining.

Bright & wild. All year round customers experience the wonderful views from this winsome Resort. Every customer visiting Naina Resort grants it with praise & provokes the desire In them to return here again and again. Naina Resort is highly Demanded & recommended by visitors & various Travel Companies. Naina Resort leaves the customer with heart touching experience , Refreshing thoughts and cheers their spirit.

We are Totally Devoted to Serve you the best !!!