Naina Resort


How far is Naina Resort from Main Mall Road of Manali??
Naina Resort is situated in one the hilltops of Vashisht, 3 Kms Away from Main Mall Road .
How do we categorize Hotels situated in Hill Station???
Unlike Hotels in metropolitan Cities, Hotels in Hill Station can't be categorized as 1*, 2*, 3* etc due to geographical Features. Hotels in Hill Station are distinguished on the basis of Location, Room Space, Services, and Amenities & Room Tariff.
In which Hotel Category does Naina Resort come??
According to the Manali’s Criteria Naina Resort is regarded as a Luxury resort.
What are the season and off-seasonal dates of Naina Resort ??
Our seasonal dates are 15th April to 05 July,16th Dec to 5th Jan, Festivals & Long Weekends and rest of the period is off-season


What are the check In & Check Out Timings of Naina Resort ?
The Check in time our resort is 12 Noon whereas the check out is 11 AM.
Do Naina Resort authorities allow Early Check and Late check our Scenarios??
The early check and late checkout are subject to availability. If the rooms are available, we allow our guests to at check in early/ check out late at an extra cost.
Do I need to furnish any sort of documents while checking in?
Yes the Customers are required to furnish their respective IDs and Booking Voucher issued by us. In rare cases we may ask for Children’s Birth Certificate too.
Do you offer a discount for children?
Offer discounts for children for most tourist services published on this site. The discount depends on the age of the child and on the type of service being offered.


How many different types of rooms does Naina Resort have ? What are the amenities in these rooms?
Naina resort have 3 Types of rooms namely Super Deluxe, Honeymoon Suite and cottage Rooms. For amenities details kindly refer to our accommodation section
Why Manali hotels do not have A/C Facilities in them??
Since Manali Temperature is either moderate or very low , Hotel is Manali doesn’t require them oftenly.
Which category of Naina resort’s rooms offer the best views?
All our rooms offer picturesque views varying from orchards sights to mountain views.
What is Safety of Credit Card Data?
The information requested during registration is necessary for the hotel and reservation to manage the booking request. All information is strictly confidential and shall be transmitted via an encrypted channel that ensures privacy. Your credit / debit card data, necessary to guarantee booking, is also transmitted through safe, on the protected bank server (SSL Secure Server). Highest level of protection is ensured for your credit card details.


Are all the taxes and heater charges included in the website rates ?
The tariff displayed on our site excludes 18.42 % Taxes and Heater Charges . However in packages the taxes are included.
Describe the age criteria of considering a person as an adult or a child?
A Person below 12 Years is considered as Child whereas above 12 years its Adult .
We have a child of 4 Years, can he stay at your resort for free ?
Yes all the Children below 5 Yrs enjoy complimentary stay in our hotel. However if he intakes some additional Food & Beverages, the charges will be extra for the same.
Does it offer discount for regular clientele??
Yes depending on the regularity of bookings from our guests , we do offer fixed percentage of discounts to them .
How much amount I need to pay in advance in order to confirm the Reservation??
In order to confirm the reservation, the guests ought to pay 50 % of the total stay/ Package Amount in Advance.
I am bringing a group with me can I get my stay complimentary??
We offer Free Stays for Tour Guides and therefore you can easily cherish your Complimentary in our Hotel.
What is the procedure to reserve my room at Naina Resort ?
To reserve you room you may either Book your stay online via our Reservation Portal or deposit cash in any of our below banks:
BANK NAME                ICICI BANK
A/C NAME                 Mohan Verma
A/C NUMBER               073601500980
RTGS/NEFT IFSC           ICIC0000736
BANK ADDRESS          Near Kala Kendar  Dhalpur  Kullu ( H.P.)

BANK NAME             HDFC BANK 
A/C NAME              Mohan verma
A/C NUMBER            23181930001055
RTGS/NEFT IFSC        HDFC0002318
BANK ADDRESS          Near Mall Road Manali.
What are the Cancellation & Refund policies of Naina Resort?
Kindly refer to the Cancellation & Policy section for the same.
Can I claim refund for any un-used services?
No, the claims can’t be made for any un-availed services once they are booked for your use.


What does EP, CP, MAP, And AP Stand For??
These terms are mostly used in the Hotel Industry to determine the type of accommodation. The below content would help you understand the inclusions along with their full form:
EP (European plan): stay only
CP (Continental Plan): Bed + Breakfast
MAP (Modified American plan): Bed + Breakfast + Lunch/ Dinner
AP (European plan): Bed + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
What does Single Occupancy, Twin sharing, Triple Sharing, Quad Sharing Terms mean??
These Terms refers to the types of occupancy in a Single Room
Single Occupancy: Single Person occupying 1 Room
Twin sharing: 2 persons occupying/ sharing 1 Room
Triple Sharing: 3 persons occupying/ sharing 1 Room
Quad Sharing: 4 persons occupying/ sharing 1 Room
What is buffet and Al- Carte System?
Buffet system is a set up in restaurant area where the guest cherishes unlimited quantity of food but the food Menu of Buffet Plan is prepared by the Hoteliers. In this Buffet set up guests are suppose to self serve themselves.
Al-Carte System is the room service where the guests order their preferred food items from provided food Menu. The Payment in Al-carte is generally paid directly in the hotel itself.
I want more dishes to be added in my buffet plan how can I have it ??
You may order your preferred dishes separately and can pay for them while checking out from our resort .
Are there any restrictions on Meal timings in Naina Resort??
Just like any other Hotels/ Resorts, we also have fixed timing to avail meals. These timings are as follows:
Breakfast : 7-10 AM
Lunch     : 1-4 PM
Dinner    : 7PM – 10:00 PM
The snacks can be served anytime in the room but not after 10:30 PM as the kitchen closes till that time.